Tesh, also known as The City of the Crawling Liquid, is a city-state in Bas-Lag and later a rival power to New Crobuzon. In Iron Council (novel) a war is fought between Tesh and New Crobuzon over the Firewater Straits, a vital trade route.


Little is known about the domestic situation in Tesh. Passing reference is made to a figure called the Crying Prince, but it is not clear if this refers to a landmark, a ruler, or some other figure. The city of Tesh itself is known for its "glass cats" and numerous moats, which as of the war with New Crobuzon have been refilled.

Teshi traders are known to have filed teeth and henna tattoos, traveling on boats covered in colorful cloth.

The position of Teshi ambassador to New Crobuzon, Spiral Jacobs during the time of the series, is a vagrant by tradition and capable of extremely powerful "ambassadormagicks".

Teshi MonksEdit

The Briarlands on the outskirts of Tesh were home to a monastery. Prior to the monastery's destruction by New Crobuzon slave-assassins during the events of Iron Council, there were once a variety of monastic orders:

  • The Monks of Cadmer, Moment of Calculation
  • The Monks of Zaori, Moment of Magic Wine
  • The Monks of the Moment of Doves
  • The Monks of Desiccation
  • The Monks of Pharru, the Moment of the Forgotten Snow
  • The Monks of Tekke Shim, the Moment of Memory
  • The Monks of Tekke Vogu, the Moment of the Hidden and Lost


The Teshi military uses a variety of weapons and forces, including "Ifrit winds", "soulcannon", "toothbombs" that blow teeth out of jaws, and most potently, urbanomachy with the ability to destroy a city-state so absolutely that ripples are sent backwards in time from the moment of destruction. Tesh also use children as suicide bombers, loading them up with flesh-melting hexes and sending them at New Crobuzon soldiers

Known TeshiEdit

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