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Thanati is the collective name for the high-caste resurrected dead of High Cromlech. The Thanati sit at the top of High Cromlech's hierarchy as a caste of undead nobility. Most Thanati are unable to vocalize, so most can only communicate in Quiesy.


The Thanati are described as "liches with sewn-shut mouths, with beautiful clothes and skin like preserved leather." Thanati are addressed with the title of "Deadman" or "Deadwife".

Creation Process[]

The process of creating a thanati is expensive and complicated. Only some of the richest humans in High Cromlech are able to afford the procedure. New thanati begin at the lower rungs of the caste, but can move up through political maneuvering and the cultivation of political relationships.


  • Although the Brucolac is addressed by Uther Doul as "Deadman", as a vampir he is below even humans in High Cromlech's heirarchy. No true thanati appear in the Bas-Lag Cycle.

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