The City & the City is China Miéville's fantasy/new weird novel. It is not part of the Bas-Lag universe. It was released on May 26, 2009, published by Del Rey books.


SPOILER WARNING - Summary - it won't really ruin it, but the beginning will be less fun :PEdit

A murder mystery of sorts that takes place in the city-states of Beszel and Ul Qoma, in an unspecified location at the edge of Europe. Due to an obscure event, the two cities now occupy the same physical area, but both polities consider it a crime to acknowledge the other. Citizens of each city walk down the same streets (where they are "crosshatched"), but "unsee" all of the many signs and inhabitants of the other city around them. The main character, Inspector Borlu, follows his investigation into the mysterious inter-city police force of Breach, and perhaps even to the third city rumored to be unseen by both of the others.

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