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The Crow is one of New Crobuzon's fashionable commercial and shopping districts, located around Perdido Street Station.



The Crow is a mix of broad streets and tangled alleys. The three main shopping streets are LeTissof Street, Concubek Pass, and Boulevard Dos Ghérou, which radiate out from the station and from BilSantum Plaza. During the day, the district is always packed with cats, street vendors, buskers, and pedestrians.

The district used to house New Crobuzon's old noble families, many of whom have since moved out. The old homes have been converted into two-and-three story shops.

The district has a few pockets of poverty: pickpockets, fortunetellers, and palmists, as well as expensive escorts.

Wares and Services[]

The shops offer fine tailoring, tropical produce, inlaid snuffboxes, children's golems, gas-light lamps, and feathery lace.

The alleys and side streets house the offices of doctors and lawyers, dining halls for exclusive gentleman's clubs, actuaries, geothaumaturges, apothocaries, and high-class gambling halls.