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The Scar is a thousand-mile long, seemingly bottomless depression of unmoving water. The Scar was created as a result of the Ghosthead Empire's arrival on Bas-Lag along with the Fractured Land. It is several thousand miles from Rohagi in uncharted seas around the Empty Ocean.


Located in the middle of the largely-uncharted Hidden Ocean, the waters around the Scar move in unpredictable ways that defy logic. The area itself is home to bizarre creatures, including strange white blob-like creatures that float below the surface and unidentified creatures that bellow like bulls.

The aether around the Scar is rich in Possibility, allowing otherwise nonfunctioning Ghosthead artifacts, such as perhapsadians, to work.


Rogue Armadan lookout Hedrigall claims the Scar is a long, bottomless chasm in the sea that breaks through the plane of Bas-Lag into nothigness, although it is never clarified if he is truthful, lying, or describing a possible appearance of the Scar that differs from the factual Scar. Bellis Coldwine later ponders several possibilities, including that the Scar has no physical appearance and is merely a section of the ocean with concentrated Possibility.

Events of The Scar[]

Prior to the events of the novel, The Lovers first heard of the Scar from Uther Doul, who told them about Possibility theory and the Ghosthead Empire. The prospect of theoretically limitless power enticed the The Lovers, and they began an almost decades-long project to journey to the Scar and harness its power. However, near the end of the project, an attack by the New Crobuzon Merchant Navy and a subsequent series of mutinies ultimately force The Lovers to abandon their plan to bring all of Armada with them. Doul gives the female Lover some of his equipment, including textbooks and his perhapsadian, and she journeys to the Scar in a small ship alone.