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The Shards is the name of a huge archipelago thousands of miles to the south-east of Rohagi.


Traders from the far south of the shards have contact with the inhabitants of the Fractured Land and, at least in one case, were able to acquire Slake Moth larvae. The male Lover, one of the rulers of Armada, is known to have come from a small fishing village on the north end of the Shards.


Each island in the Shards has its own customs and laws - many islands in the northern Shards do not have customs friendly to women: some islands "sew women shut", others keep them chained in houses. On the island that the male Lover comes from, there is a tradition of carving freggios, or ritual scarring of women to mark them as property of the men.


The Shards were once part of the Malarial Queendom, owing to their warm climate. With the fall of the Queendom, the Anophelii were eradicated from most of the islands.

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