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Thee-and-Thine is one of Armada's ridings. In Thee-and-Thine, "everything is for sale" and the government is unconcerned with cleaning up its unkempt raucous streets.


Bordering the haunted quarter and Shaddler, Thee-and-Thine is an unpretentious riding, site of the very popular arena fights, glad' circuses, and bazaars. King Friedrich is the current "violent mercantile" ruler.

Juhangirr's Concern is a journal published here, reporting on events entirely through crude pictures.

Associated ships[]

  • Salt Godling - Salt Godling is the flagship of Thee-and-Thine riding.
  • Drudgery - An "oily iron ship" in a quiet part of Thee-and-Thine riding. A large, old factory ship next to it houses Armada's asylum.
  • Yevgeny - A hundred-foot sloop in Thee-and-Thine riding, housing a belowdecks pub, The Pashakan.

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