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Tintinnabulum is the leader of a group of renowned hunter-scientists, famous for tracking and hunting a variety of extremely dangerous and rare creatures across Bas-Lag. Prior to The Scar, they were hired by The Lovers to assist Armada with raising an avanc.


Tintinnabulum is a tall, elderly, brawny man with a white beard and braided white hair that goes below his shoulders. Despite his age, Tintinnabulum is fairly muscular, and the contrast between his ancient-looking face and his younger-looking body is striking.


Prior to The Scar[]

In the years prior to the events of The Scar in 1779, Tintinnabulum and his group were famous for hunting strange and dangerous creatures around Bas-Lag, including massive aquatic predators. When the Lovers decided to raise an avanc, they contacted Tintinnabulum and arranged for his crew and their ship, the Castor, to be housed in Armada.

During this time, Tintinnabulum and his crew combed through the city's libraries and began compiling lists of scientists and academics whose works and research would be vital to the project. After several years of research, Tintinnabulum realized that Armada would need to acquire Johannes Tearfly, based on his published works on interplanar life and his study of gigantic sea life.

Events of The Scar[]

Following Armada's capture of the Terpsichoria, Tintinnabulum is one of the first Armadans to greet Johannes. As part of a large group of engineers and scientists, the two work for several months in secret on the calculations and equipment needed to raise and harness an avanc.

Later, Tintinnabulum accompanies the Lovers, Bellis Coldwine, Uther Doul, Johannes Tearfly, and Tanner Sack, in addition to several others, on an expedition to the Anophelii island south of Gnurr Kett. The expedition works with the anophelii scholar, Kruach Aum, to finalize the necessary procedures. Several days after the avanc is raised, Tintinnabulum and his crew depart Armada.


  • A tintinnabulum is a bell mounted on a pole, placed in a Roman Catholic basilica to signify the church's link with the Pope. Fittingly, the Castor features a belfry on its deck.
  • Tintinnabulum's name is a reference to Lewis Caroll's Hunting of the Snark. The rest of his crew each reference a character in the poem, albeit in different languages.