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Toro, real name unknown, was a New Crobuzon revolutionary and Remade criminal who appears in Iron Council as the head of the eponymous Toro's Gang.


Toro is described as being slightly shorter than Ori Ciuraz, with a thin gymnast's build. While wearing the her specially-designed helmet, her voice was modified to sound like that of a bull's while speaking.


Events of Perdido Street Station (1779)[]

Around 1779, Toro was a young woman in her late teens living in Ketch Heath. Derkhan Blueday tells Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin about how the young woman had been sentenced by a magister to Remaking and ten years in prison for accidentally smothering her child, Cecile, while trying to stop the baby from crying.

Events of Iron Council (1804)[]

Toro is introduced as the notorious leader of her gang, a violent, revolutionary group that is infamous for the assassinations and heists they have committed. When Ori initially joins the group, at the urging of Spiral Jacobs, Toro and her gang are making plans to assassinate Eliza Stem-Fulcher, the mayor of New Crobuzon. These plans include the murder of an elderly couple who happen to occupy the house adjacent to Magister Legus's, where Stem-Fulcher meets the magister as part of their discrete romantic relationship.

The plan does not begin to take off until Ori makes contact with Baron, a combat veteran and former member of the overseas miltia who provides professional training to the group, as well as a presentable contact for gathering intelligence from the bars and pubs frequented by militia. Later, Spiral Jacobs introduces Ori, and by extension the rest of gang, to Bertold Sulion, a disgruntled member of the Clypean Guard, who provides intelligence on the state of the Tesh-New Crobuzon War and a way into Legus's heavily fortified manor.

Toro has her gang attack in separate groups, in order to distract and delay the Clypean guard's response. She and Ori head directly into the manor's bedroom, where the mayor and Legus are located. Sulion is killed by Ori, and Toro kills the mayor and Legus, but not before revealing that Legus was the magister who ordered her Remaking for killing her child about ten years prior. Ori realizes that the entire plan, and even the creation of her gang, was for the sole purpose of getting revenge on the magister. Her work done, she gives her helmet to Ori and waits in the room for the Clypean Guard to come and kill her.

Toro's Helmet[]

Toro's most distinguishing feature was the metal bull's head helmet that she wore, which was also imbued with thaumaturgic properties that allowed her to track thaumaturges and make use of space-bending shortcuts throughout the city by using its horns to rend space.

The helmet was allegedly the product of years of work, in the form of gathering materials and tracking down metallurgists and thaumaturges who could imbue the helmet with its properties. It was later destroyed in blue thaumaturgical fire when Ori overtaxed it during his hunt for Spiral Jacobs.

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