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Toro's Gang, also known as the Toroans, was one of the New Crobuzon government's most well-known opposition groups.


The gang was lead by the eponymous Toro, a Remade who wore an iconic metal bull's head helmet with thaumaturgic properties.


Prior to Anno Urbis 1805, Toro's gang was notorious for their brazen robberies and assassinations of prominent Militia and other government figures. During the Tesh-New Crobuzon War, Toro's Gang was manipulated by Spiral Jacobs into sowing chaos in the city and assisting in the completion of Tesh's war-ending Hecatomb ritual.

Toro's Gang is most well known for their successful assassination of New Crobuzon Mayor Eliza Stem-Fulcher and Magister Legus during the height of the Collective's uprising against the government.