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Torque is an unreliable, chaotic mutagenic energy that twists living and nonliving things alike. Large areas of the Rohagi continent are subject to natural occurrences of Torque, known as Torque Zones, as well as milder but still harmful Torque storms.


Torque is a sort of radiation that affects animate and inanimate objects. It can give life to otherwise non-living things, such as train gears and train cars, and distort them into nearly unrecognizable forms. Its effects on living things vary in intensity, from seizures that cause shaking so severe the sufferer appears blurred to the spontaneous generation of extra limbs or painless, bloodless holes.

At the heart of a Torque zone the geography becomes nearly incomprehensible, and the distinction between terrain and lifeform becomes impossible to discern.

Torque Zones[]

Naturally occurring Torque zones include the sizeable Cacotopic Stain that dominates the center of Rohagi and an unnamed area north of High Cromlech and the Shatterjack Mountains. A smaller, artificial Torque zone is located in the ruins of Suroch, which was hit with New Crobuzon Torque bombs during the Pirate Wars.