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The Transcontinental Railroad Trust, abbreviated TRT, is a New Crobuzon-based railroad company founded by Weather Wrightby sometime prior to 1784.


The Transcontinental Railroad Trust was founded by Weather Wrightby, an industrial magnate who wanted to fulfill his vision of a transcontinental railroad across Rohagi, connecting the various cities and countries that traded with New Crobuzon. The TRT was plagued by allegations of corruption and land disputes, but has managed to avoid insolvency, albeit as a much shrunken company.

In the novels[]

Prior to Iron Council (ca.1784)[]

TRT initially attempted to build the planned railroad system around 1784, but the effort was beset by hostile native species, such as stiltspear and strider tribes, as well as piracy and banditry.

Although the project persisted, eventual funding shortages, the result of corruption, incompetence, and overproduction, meant that the company was unable to pay its workers. The subsequent strike resulted in the workers taking control of the company's self-sufficient, track-laying train and fleeing beyond the Cacotopic Stain, where the TRT's gendarmerie and the New Crobuzon Militia could not pursue them.

Events of Iron Council (1804–1805)[]

In the decades that followed the Iron Council's rebellion, the TRT shrank immensely as funding dried up and the economic fallout of the subsequent Tesh-New Crobuzon War further weakened the city's industries as a whole. Despite these setbacks, Wrightby maintained his interest in reclaiming the perpetual train and completing his vision for a transcontinental railroad. To that end, he employed a whispersmith, Drogon, to assist Judah Low and his group in locating the Iron Council and convincing them to return to New Crobuzon.

Although the Iron Council and the perpetual train were frozen in time by Judah, locking them beyond the influence of any outside force until such time as the golem dissipates, the TRT obtained maps of viable routes through and the around the Cacotopos from Drogon, enabling the company to finally begin completing its railroad route.

Known employees and personnel[]

  • Weather Wrightby - CEO and founder of the TRT, he once personally led expeditions to build a transcontinental railroad, only to fail several times. By the time of Iron Council, he has been reduced to stock speculation.
  • Judah Low - A former land surveyor for the TRT, before leaving with the initial rebellion that became the Iron Council.
  • Pennyhaugh - An implied employee of the TRT. His exact position is not known.