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Trow, also known as troglodytes, are a race of humanoid subterranean creatures. They have been the subject of bounties by Cobsea and other New Crobuzon frontier settlements.


Trow are sapient and often live in tribes of varying sizes. They not described in detail, aside from being "grave-pale".



The largest trow settlement is Troglodopolis, although smaller tribes of trow live in the sewers of New Crobuzon as well as throughout central Rohagi, both in mountain settlements and in ruins, such as Tashek Rek Hai.


Trow are known to create "trow-iron", as well as weave special fabrics that seem to "drink" the light, rendering wearers completely invisible in the dark.

By the time of Iron Council in 1804, these fabrics have found their way into the hands of the New Crobuzon Militia, who equip some of their units with them.


  • Trow are malignant or mischievous fairies or spirits in the folkloric traditions of the Orkney and Shetland islands. An alternative spelling, drow, is used as a race in Dungeons & Dragons, of which China Miéville is a an avid fan.