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The Uroc is the huge and ancient flagship of Dry Fall riding, Armada. The Brucolac captained the ship from High Cromlech to Armada.


The Uroc is a pale ship, five hundred feet long and more than a hundred feet wide in the middle. It has a multilayered bridge composed of intricate segments. Its deck is marked by numerous spires jutting from it, some that serve as masts and others that taper into the air.


While very few know its origin and some claim the bizarre construction was never built to sail, the Uroc is in truth a moonship, which once sailed on "gusts of lunar light". The Uroc shimmers in the moonlight, and its masts flicker with elyctrical saint's fire in a predictable and cyclical pattern. Roughly two hundred years prior to the events of The Scar in 1780, the Uroc was incorporated into Armada when the floating city sailed near western Rohagi; presumably, the Brucolac had captained the ship down one of the rivers that runs from the Shatterjack Mountains out to the ocean.


Due to the Uroc's unusual topography, consisting of chasms and spires, it has not been built upon. It is used solely as quarters and meeting space for the Brucolac, his ab-dead lieutenants, and diplomatic visitors.