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"When I first came here," Doul went on, "I was very tired. Tired of making decisions. I wanted to be loyal. I wanted a wage. I’d learnt and sought and found whatever I’d wanted. I had my sword, I had knowledge, I’d seen places... I wanted to rest. To be a henchman, a paid soldier."
—Doul reflects on his arrival on Armada

Uther Doul is the bodyguard of Armada's rulers, The Lovers, and one of the most knowledgeable scholars of Ghosthead lore and Possibility technology. He is most well-known for his Possible Sword, one of the few remaining Ghosthead weapons.


Uther Doul is a man in his late thirties, with short-cut graying hair and a muscular build. His voice is described as surprisingly high and delicate. Doul has a set of metal electrodes embedded in his right palm, which he uses to connect with the metal on the handle of his Possible Sword to create a Possibility circuit.


Doul is proficient with nearly all forms of combat, including sword-fighting, marksmanship, and hand-to-hand combat. In combat, Doul's reflexes are so honed that it seems as if time moves faster for him. He is brutally efficient with his fighting style, wasting no movements. Although "monk-like" in his normal demeanor, in combat Doul is able to tap into a sort of "feral savagery" that allows him to fight with no hesitation.


Uther Doul was born to a well-to-do Human family in High Cromlech, a caste-based society where humans were on the lower end of the hierarchy. In his teenage years, his mother was able to have herself put down and join the Thanati caste as a minor noble. As a teenager, Doul became involved with "cults and criminals and heresies", although "not deep, and not for long". At some point in his young adulthood, Doul left High Cromlech and traveled Rohagi extensively, including to the casino-parliament of Maru'ahm.

During his travels, Doul became a scholar of Possibility theory and the Ghosthead Empire, acquiring many of the few remaining Ghosthead artifacts, including his famous Possible Sword and a Perhapsadian. He became familiar with famous works of Ghosthead literature, including the Imperial Canon and The Verses of the Day.

Uther Doul also honed his combat abilities extensively during this time period and mastered a variety of weapons. He led several expeditions into remote and dangerous parts of the Rohagi continent in search of Ghosthead artifacts, including into the ruins of a Possible Tower.

At some point, after several years of traveling and fighting, Doul states that he became tired of leading and making decisions. Seeking a life of servitude similar to the lifestyle he lived in High Cromlech, Doul settled down in Armada where he became bodyguard to the rulers of Garwater Riding, Armada's lead riding.

Events of The Scar[]

Prior to the events of The Scar, The Lovers became interested in Doul's knowledge of Possibility theory. Using Doul's knowledge, the Lovers begin pursuing godhood through Possibility by enacting plans to bring Armada to The Scar. At some point, Doul becomes skeptical of the plan's feasibility and its impact on Armada, and makes this known to his longtime friend, The Brucolac. When Bellis Coldwine is picked by Armada, Doul also begins cultivating a friendship with her.

As Armada approaches the Scar, Doul arranges for Hedrigall, one of Armada's most well-known and loyal soldiers, to appear to have run away. Once Armada enters a Possibility seam in the Hidden Ocean, Doul attempts to use his Perhapsadian to ostensibly summon a nigh-Hedrigall back to Armada. It is never known whether the Hedrigall who returns is the original, hidden by Doul and later set free at the appropriate time, or a nigh summoned by the Perhapsadian. As doubt among the Armadans grows, the Lovers lock Hedrigall away before his story can become known. This leads Doul to arrange for Coldwine to find Hedrigall and use her knowledge to sow doubt among the Armadans.

After the female Lover and a small crew depart Armada to continue to the Scar, Doul is stuck acting as the de facto ruler of Armada, although the male Lover continues to be the figurehead.

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