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A Vinhog is a species of boar native to the Galaggi Veldt. Vinhogs are known for the symbiotic lichen-grape vines that grow on their skin, and several nomadic clans in the veldt herd them and harvest their grapes, an occupation known as wineherd.


Vinhogs are large, tusked boars roughly the size of buffalo. Like conventional boars, they are omnivores, although they normally eat roots, bulbs, seeds, nuts and green plants.

Vinhog herding and harvesting[]

Several veldt clans, such as House Predicus, House Charium, and House Gneura, routinely harvest the grapes of vinhogs as they ripen. Vinhogs appear to live in a pack hierarchy, with the largest vinhog termed the vinhog primus, and the second largest termed the vinhog secundus.

The wine produced from the grapes is one of Tesh's largest imports, although the veldt also supplies New Crobuzon as well.

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