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Weather Wrightby is a tremendously-wealthy New Crobuzon industrial magnate and owner of the Transcontinental Railroad Trust (TRT). Around 1784, Wrightby began working on the construction of a railroad that would cross through Rohagi, although this endvevour would eventually grind to a halt following the mutiny of the Iron Council. In 1805, Wrightby would later manage to obtain plans allowing for passage through the Cacotopic Stain, allowing him to continue his project once more.


In 1784, Wrightby was already about 60 years old. By the time Cutter encounters him personally in 1804, Wrightby is described as "an old white-haired man" wearing "an old-fashioned waistcoat", standing tall.


Prior to Iron Council (ca.1784)[]

Around 1784, prior to the events of Iron Council, Weather Wrightby began hiring en masse for his railroad project. Judah Low was one of Wrightby's first hires and was personally selected to help the TRT scout and grade terrain ahead of the main track-laying effort.

As the project progressed, Wrightby was active in raising funds to support the railroad's efforts by reaching deals with towns and settlements along the railroad's planned route. However, despite the project's promising start, disagreements with certain settlements necessitated route changes, while the terrain became increasingly difficult lay track in. Eventually, a Parliamentary inquiry began investigating allegations Wrightby was making deals with daemons; allegations supported by accounts of inexplicably leveled terrain, strange workplace accidents that claimed workers' lives, and tracts of lifeless land on both sides of the gradient coupled with heat ripples.

When the TRT's track-laying train begins to mutiny in response to unpaid wages, Wrightby personally travelled to the train alongside a large gendemarie escort in an attempt to talk down the mutineers. After talks broke down into renewed fighting, Low lost sight of Wrightby in the chaos, and his fate remained unknown to Low for several decades afterward.

Events of Iron Council (1804–1805)[]

Unbeknownst to the Iron Council, Wrightby kept tabs on Judah through his former friend, Pennyhaugh, and later hired the skilled whispersmith Drogon to track down the Council and return it to New Crobuzon along with maps of safe passages through the Cacotopic Stain. Once the Iron Council returns, in the wake of the Caucus's failed uprising, Wrightby plans to allow the train to be destroyed. He orders Drogon to bring Cutter to him so that he can talk about what has transpired, and then leaves.