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Weavers are an extra-dimensional race of creatures thought to have originated from Sagrimai . Although a Weaver’s physical appearance resembles that of a spider, it features a unique set of appendages with small human-like hands at each end.


The ultimate goal of a Weaver is to improve what is called the worldweave, an omnipresent tapestry upholding everything. Only a Weaver can see the worldweave making its behavior practically impossible to understand. Due to its alien intelligence, the Weaver is the one of the few known creatures in Bas-Lag impervious to the effects of the Slake-Moth.


Weavers communicate telepathically by riddle, although communicating with them at all is fairly dangerous owing to their constantly-changing interests, such as a fascination with collecting scissors or ears.

In the novels[]

Events of Perdido Street Station[]

During the events of Perdido Street Station, Mayor Rudgutter of New Crobuzon employs a specific Weaver, simply known as the Weaver, to combat the Slake Moth threat, as the second, less-desired choice after the daemons of Hell refuse to help. At this time, the Weaver is collecting scissors, which the mayor offers as a gift to entice its aid.


The Weaver appears again when the New Crobuzon Militia, personally led by Mayor Rudgutter, are raiding Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin's laboratory after being tipped off by David Serachin. This time, the Weaver simply removes the left ear of everyone present and assists Isaac, Derkhan Blueday, Lemuel Pigeon, and Yagharek with escape, later leaving a thankyou note and some advice for Isaac in the weekly newspaper, The Digest.

Eventually, Isaac manages to re-contact the Weaver when it becomes apparent that they will need its help to destroy the Slake Moths at Perdido Street Station. The Weaver obliges, and ultimately overloads the Slake Moths with its unique consciousness, killing them.

Events of Iron Council[]

In Iron Council, the railroad workers of the Transcontinental Railroad Trust encounter a weaver in the forests of central Rohagi. The encounter drives one of the vagrants camping around the train mad and he becomes a sort of "spider-prophet" babbling nonsense.