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A whispersmith, also referred to as a susurrator, is a type of thaumaturge who uses thaumaturgically-enhanced whispers to issue commands to targets which must be obeyed. These commands are usually simple, single actions, such as "tell the truth" or "walk".


The type of hexes used by a whispersmith are referred to as susurrus. While most whispersmiths can only influence the behavior of animals, especially skilled whispersmiths are able to control the actions of individuals within range. Some fast-moving creatures, like garuda, are able to outfly the range of a whispersmith and break their hexes.

Known whispersmiths[]


  • The only whispersmith to appear in the Bas-Lag Cycle, Drogon, spoke only in whispers to one individual at a time. It is unknown if this is the case for all whispersmiths.