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A witnessing is a type of Tesh thaumaturgy, also referred to as a remote viewer or Tesh camera. During the end of the Tesh-New Crobuzon War, Tesh sent a witnessing to New Crobuzon as a message that they were watching.


"A figure tiny in the core of the sun’s glare and made of the deepest silhouette, neither human nor ciliated plankton nor rapid startling bird but all of them and other things, in turn or at one instant. It moved with an impossible crawl, straight out, emerging from the sun with a swimming motion that used all of its contradicting limbs."
Iron Council, ch.15

A witnessing appears to every viewer as though it is coming for him or her directly, appearing to originate as a speck in the sun and then quickly changing in shape and size. At the end of a witnessing, the thaumaturgy occludes the sky entirely and appears like an eye above the heads of every viewer.

Events of Iron Council[]

Towards the end of Iron Council, Tesh sends a witnessing to New Crobuzon as a display of power. The panic that results from seeing such an alien phenomenon above the city further aggravates pre-existing unrest.