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Yagharek is a wingless garuda living in New Crobuzon. He is one of the main characters in Perdido Street Station.

Events of Perdido Street Station[]

Perdido Street Station begins with Yagharek entering New Crobuzon on a ship, where he believes he can find someone who can create new wings for him. This quest takes him to the door of Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin, once he gathers enough information on the street to conclude that Isaac's brand of "rogue" science is his best hope of re-growing his severed wings. Yagharek stipulates that he will not accept any other solution than to fly again under his own steam, without aid from devices, drugs, or thaumaturgy. He demonstrates his seriousness to Isaac with a bag of raw gold nuggets, but it is the novelty of his problem that makes the researcher accept the commission. Isaac takes to the garuda, despite his stern and distant attitude, and refers to him thereafter as "Yag."

After months of waiting on Isaac's unfocused research to bear fruit, Yagharek is drawn into the events of the Slake Moth outbreak and its aftermath. Once Isaac's lab-grown Slake Moth has escaped, and his lab neighbor David Serachin sold Isaac out, it is Yagkharek who rescues and defends him from many threats - both from Motley's forces and those of the NC Militia - by taking up his traditional desert hunting tools: the bullwhip and sickle. His skill with these weapons accounts for a number of close calls in the crew's favor, and Yagharek privately notes the stirring of an old Garuda pride he thought lost to him.


Despite his actions in saving Isaac & co. from danger, it could be argued that any nobility Yagharek shows is merely motivated by self-interest. If Isaac dies or fails in his efforts, Yagharek stands no chance of flying again, or erasing the proof of the crime that demanded his wings be severed. As Isaac only learns after many have died or lost their mental faculties, that crime is serious: Yagharek raped a fellow member of his tribe.

In the novel's final chapter, Isaac is visited by Kar'uchai Sukhtu-k'h Vaijhin-khi-khi, another Cymek hunter and Yagharek's victim. She tells him that, in a fit of jealousy, once he discovered Kar-uchai was engaged to marry another, Yagharek committed the only crime the Garuda have a punishment for: choice-theft. By removing Kar'uchai's choice, and forcing his will on her, he disrespected her existence, and as such, lost any claim to his own. Kar'uchai gives a plain and brutally honest account of these things, and asks Isaac not to help Yagharek in his quest any more.

The novel ends as Yagharek discovers Isaac has left New Crobuzon without a word, condemning him to a life on the ground.

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